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Hats off to mushrooms

Author Fleur Daugey
Illustrator Émilie Vanvolsem

Did you know that mushrooms are not plants ? no more than animals! They belong to a world called "Fungi". Microscopic or as big as a soccer ball, whith many colors and various shapes, mushrooms are everywhere! But do we really know them?  For example, did you know that the foot and the hat are the genital parts of the mushroom? Most of their body, the mycelium, is underground and can extend for miles! To feed and grow, they must go for their food (fruits, wood, dead leaves ...) like animals! Discover the amazing rule of the fungi !

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series Hello animals!

The pretty blue

Near the surface, there are large nurseries. Hidden under the sand, there are crustaceans, shells and at shes...
In the open sea, there are schools of sardine ready to face predators ! Strange creatures live in deeper waters...

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.) , Romanian
Series Hello animals!

Lovely plant!

Frames, cloches! Seeds need protection... After winter, a good downpour of rain and some sunshine, little shoots break through the soil... This is the beginning of the life cycle of flowering plants. A note for the layman at the end of the book provides further scientific detail.

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.) , Romanian
Series Hello animals!

New dinosaurs

Illustrator Capucine Mazille

Dinosaurs were long thought to be clumsy, lumbering monsters. We thought their tails dragged on the ground and they were covered with scales... We now know that they came in all sizes, were very alert, highly active, and that their tails were raised for balance when they ran. What's more, they had feathers!
An indispensable work to bring our knowledge of dinosaurs up to date!

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.) , Romanian, Turkish
Series Hello animals!

Yesterday a caterpillar, today a butterfly!

With six legs and antennae like flies and ants... But above all: two beautiful pairs of wings. Butterflies are insects. Their first life, in the form of a caterpillar, lasts a few weeks. Some sting, some are hairy and some look scary. They are constantly snacking since they have to change their skin 4 or 5 times, before metamorphosing into butterflies...

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series Hello animals!

Travel at any speed

Humans have been on the move for a long time. Over ages, people have discovered new territories, and have striven to go further and further, faster and faster. The invention of the wheel was a real revolution! Now, distances shrink, heavy loads are carried more easily, trade become easier…

Series Hello science!

Little shocks and big earthquakes

Earth is the only planet that has earthquakes! There's a simple reason: it is the only planet with a fragmented crust that slowly travels on a layer of more-viscous material. When the tectonic plates rub against each other, they create pressures that get released little by little. This can result in minor shocks that no-one feels, or major earthquakes as if Godzilla were stomping through. So what can we do? Learn the simple things to do, put together an "earthquake kit" and keep an eye out for the next "big one".

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.) , Korean, Turkish
Series Hello science!

Rain and Shine

Knowing the weather is of utmost important, that's why meteorologists track atmospheric air movements, the altitude and shape of clouds, winds, and violent phenomena (tornadoes, typhoons, hurricanes...).

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.) , Turkish
Series Hello science!

The life of a bear

In the mountains lives an animal with little round ears, and big paws... the bear! Excellent runner, accomplished climber, an unrivalled fisher, he has a voracious appetite... he needs to stock up for winter! A documentary that combines sweetness with poetry.

A gentle, charming album to explore the daily life of the impressive bear.

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series The life of…

The life of a penguin

Penguins live on ice floe. They have webbed feet and wings. They are birds but they can’t fly! Yet, they are really good swimmers! So what are they doing, waddling behind each other? They’re going off to find love!
A gentle, charming album to explore the daily life of penguins.

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series The life of…

The life of a giraffe

Giraffes are the tallest animals in the world, measuring up to 6 meters. Handy for nibbling leaves growing in acacia trees, but much less so for drinking... they have to arch their necks so low!

A gentle, charming album to explore the daily life of the majestic giraffes.

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series The life of…

How to stay informed?

Illustrator Élodie Perrotin

In the age of the internet and globalization, we are saturated with information. How can we sort through it? How can we identify fake news? Can all information be taken at face value? As usual, the POCQQ collection provides us with the keys to better understand a topic and form our own opinions!

Series 5W2H

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