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Prehistoric man already ate apples and today the fruit is consumed over five continents. In France, you can enjoy 400 different varieties and if you travel the globe this number increases to nearly 4,000. Impressive! What's also impressive are the many tips for growing and preserving them... But watch out not all are recommendable!

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series I know what I eat


Illustrator Nicolas Gouny

Everyone knows rice, it's eaten all around the world... in salads, risotto, and even cakes! But this cereal is not easy to grow -- you have to sow it, let it germinate, and then picked over in flooded fields! It grows mainly in Asia, but also elsewhere... There are more than 2,000 varieties of rice in the world!

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series I know what I eat


Illustrator Nicolas Gouny

Sugar Lump or powder sugar... White or brown sugar... Where does the sugar come from? We extract sugar from beetroots or sugar canes. The plants are grounded, the juice is heated... and through a juice extractor here comes a syrup and then sugar crystals...

At the end, a 2 pages comic books gives information about nutrition and sugar labels. Careful, there are hidden sugars even in salted food! How can we eat good sugar in good quantity?

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.) , Korean
Series I know what I eat

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